You Need to Understand What Quality Backlinks Are

Honesty is everything in marketing. People are bombarded with tons of information on a daily basis, from paper-ads, to digital-ads, to word of mouth.

Overtime, you tend to build a sense of honest from dishonest marketing. You know which products you should talk about, and which are fluff.

The same applies to excavating information online. Dishonest marketers (being the majority anywhere), are going to be easier to spot overtime. You’re going to see all kinds of bad content, ranging from repetitive to pushy.

But you might not be a regular online reader to spot this. So how do you know whose credible and who isn’t?

Even more, how do you know if you’re credible or not online?

Online rep, the art of creating backlinks.

What are backlinks though? To simply put, backlinks are links from other webpages, which return to your website. Having someone backlink from their website to yours, simply means that they approve of your content (positively or negatively)…

Hey, you know the saying, “There is no such thing as bad publicity.” Right?

That’s exactly what backlinks are for. They’re a gauge of how other online content makers view you. The more backlinks you have, the higher your reputation in search engines.

But as you obviously know, when it comes to reputation, authority matters more than anything. The bigger the reputation of your back linkers, the higher your reputation goes!
This doesn’t mean that numbers don’t matter…

Human psychology and reputation.

Humans are quite collective beings. In regular cases (offline), huge numbers are enough as an authority to justify anyone. This is not the case online though…

Online, you have complete freedom. You’re not shot by fear of the collective. You’re anonymous when you wish, and can interact personally when you need to.

And because of that, people aren’t as susceptible to mob mentality online. At the same time, people seek to compensate for their lack of freedom in the real world.

This means that people tend to be really brutal and picky about authority figures online!
So sure. You can go after a high-number of low quality backlinks if you wish. But a million zeros do not add up to a one.
In the SEO game, 1 famous backlink beats 100 nobodies…

What need in off page optimization services.

That’s what backlink SEO is called. Off page optimisation services. The reason being is that they don’t deal with your content directly. They don’t adjust tags, meddle with keyword optimization, etc.
They’re simply marketers. They find you the backlinks you paid for to boost your rep.
When looking for these types of services. You need quality backlinks. Creating backlinks like those is not easy. Nor is it doable by the average person.

It takes a lot of expertise to do a job like that. And yet, some people exist online who can provide cheap backlinks, with a high quality too!

You’ll need it a lot. Especially if you’re just starting out. You can have the best product out there, but it wouldn’t matter if nobody could hear you, right?

And that’s where backlinks really shine. They’ll make sure you get the rep and voice your product deserves in the online market.