With a drastic increase in the number of people surfing the net every day, there’s a need to engage yourself with a range of SEO models as your potential clients are increasingly surfing the net on a daily bases. Custom SEO plans permit you to create and provide top-notch organic SEO Services. Here at Redefine SEO, we engage our clients in all SEO models thanks to our team of experts and researchers. If increasing the number of visitors is what you need, ranking your website not just on the first page of a search engine but also increasing your visibility on media platforms should be your priority. You can do that by following Redefine SEO plans or engage in SEO reselling with our team. By simply contacting us using the phone number on the top page, you stand a change of working with the most influential and most resilient SEO specialist team in online market.

Key Words Optimized 10 Keywords 20 Keywords 40 Keywords 80 Keywords
Top 10 Ranking Guarantee 3 5 10 20
Weekly Reporting Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Support Email, Chat & Phone Email, Chat & Phone Email, Chat & Phone Email, Chat & Phone
Customized Presentation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
On-Page Optimization        
Web site Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Competitor Analysis Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Keyword Research Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Structure Optimization Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Content Optimization 10 Pages 20 Pages 40 Pages 80 Pages
Google analytics installation Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Google webmaster tools account Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Off-Page Optimization        
Web 2.0 link creation 10 15 25 40
Article writing 2 4 6 10
Youtube Video Creation 1 2 5 10
Youtube Video Promotion Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Links from social media Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark Check Mark
Free Blog Creation 3 5 10 20
Profile Page Creation 5 10 20 30
  $100/MonthSubscribe $150/MonthSubscribe $250/MonthSubscribe $350/MonthSubscribe


With a custom plan for search engine optimization, you stand the chance of being ranked number 1 for an internet search thus increasing the possibilities of you getting paying clients even if you run a small business website. You can use a custom SEO plan to run your small business SEO techniques; searching for appropriate keywords (long tail, Mid tail or short tail), providing relevant and informative content and lastly, promoting the content. If you’re just starting, Redefine SEO encourages you to get their custom SEO plan as it comes with a lot of benefits that other SEO agencies do not provide. Growing your business needs good research and audits. With such plans for your small business, you stand a chance of being ahead of your competitors thus increasing cash flow to your account at almost every instant. The features associated with these plans are:


It is important to emphasize the fact that not all businesses are the same no matter the number of things they have in common. Just like running a good business with your competitors in the same geographical area is not a guarantee for business success, in a similar way, websites and businesses have their peculiarities which you don’t have to worry about because our team at Refine SEO will provide you with the best decision and strategies to promote your business and lead in your domain.

It is with you in mind that we designed a custom SEO plan with different categories so that you as a client will have to choose based on your budget, the category that will work best for you. We tailor every single detail to match your desired needs at any point in time and you can choose to upgrade or stop at any point in time without hindrance.

Initial Review and Analysis.

This analyzes all aspects of your website before beginning SEO optimization. The focus is to check on backlinks, Google penalties, content quality, HTML, competition, and much more! This is the starting point that provides information on your website’s performance.

Content Marketing.

Marketing is a dynamic process, where you need to create content constantly. This includes writing for blogs, press releases, creation of info-graphics, and much more!

Social Media Optimization.

Your social media profiles matter as much as your website. It’s your means to communicate with your client. You’ll need Facebook, Twitter, and Google updates and setups.

Monthly Reporting

Success in SEO means tracking the effectiveness of edits made to your website. Thus, you’ll need monthly reports for your search engine ranks, analytics reports, and more! You’ll also need information on how to advance month-by-month.

Customer Support.

No service is complete without customer support. You’re more than happy to ask for tracking or to chat about your project with our team.As you can see, we provide the best and most comprehensive SEO plans online. We recommend you signup, and start skyrocketing your search engine rank!

Choosing an SEO model permits you to increase your visibility and sets you apart from your competitors making your website the go-to for everything related to products and services you offer such as cleaning agencies, Sports complex or even a cupcake business. With a perfect SEO model, you’re able to attract more visitors to your side. This means you get more leads and the cash flow increases every single time. Contact Today for a custom Plan