How to Use Google Analytics Steps by Step Tips.

In few steps, you can set up your Google Analytics account and make transformation objectives with the goal that you can track your email list sign ups and comprehend what’s driving your prosperity, or keeping you down. Let’s get started.

Setting Up Your Google Analytics Account

In the event that you don’t have an account, at the moment, this is the primary spot to begin. However, if you have an already existing account, simply jump the initial two stages beneath and begin at Step 3.

Here are some basic strides to take in order to run with Google Analytics.

Step 1: Create a Google Account

To utilize Google Analytics, you need a Google account. If you now have a primary Google account, for example, Gmail, YouTube, or Google Drive, at that point you’ll need to set up your Google Analytics account under a similar name. Else, you’ll have to make another one.

 Google Sign Up

Step 2: Sign Up for Google Analytics

When you have a Google account, you’ll have to agree to accept Google examination.

Tap the “Sign In” interface in the upper right-hand corner and you’ll see a drop down menu. Select “Google Analytics“. At that point, you can tap on the “sign up” button.

On the following page, select “website” and fill in your details, including Account Name, Website Name, URL, Industry and your Time Zone.

Check the boxes alongside all the prescribed options and after that hit the blue “Get Tracking ID” button.

You will then be required to acknowledge the Terms of Service.

After you hit the “I Accept” button, you will be ushered into your Google Analytics account.

Sign up  


Step 3. Begin Tracking Your Website

Inside your new Google Analytics account, you will see your Tracking ID and your Universal Analytics tracking code. There are a few distinct strategies for setting up your site with Google Analytics, some of which utilize one of these codes.

If you don’t have a Word Press web page, you can copy and pest the Website tracking code into each page that you need to track. If you are uncertain of how to do this, you might need to have your web developer do this progression for you.

However, if you have a Word Press site, there is a substantially simpler approach to do it without anyone`s help. Just install the Google Analytics by MonsterInsights module and activate it.

tracking code


Next, move to the Insights tab in your admin. Menu and select Settings.

At that point tap on the “Authenticate with your Google account” button, and you’ll see a dialog box popup that resembles the following:

Tap on the blue “Allow” button. At that point, you’ll be given a code. Copy that code to your clipboard and close out the dialog box.

Now, paste the code in the other dialog box inside your Word Press admin. that says “paste your Google code here”.

Hit the “Save authentication code” button and you’re good to go! If you still Need Help Connect with US.