Tips to Survive Google Panda and Penguin Endless Updates?

Change is not a fun thing to do but there are instances when it becomes to make it to be on a safe side while you are in the game of Google. For some months now, Google has provided two new updates to shake the content that is bad along with the spam links. Panda and Penguin are now commonly expected through these updates didn’t shake the world as it was anticipated by many people.

Panda and Panda are for the purpose of putting harsh penalties and this is one of the best practices to stay away from spam links to keep the penalties away. If you require content update strategies then these techniques can help you overcome any panda and penguin that you come across in your path.

Let us have a look at some of the tips that will help you to survive the endless updates of Panda and Penguin:

Provide good content quality: By improving the content that you add on your website, you can easily ensure that your content meets the Google requirements. Most of the websites add fluffy content and their main focus is on SEO but better quality content can prove a great help to you for sure. Bad content can actually land you in trouble so be very specific while choosing, editing and adding content on your website.

Stay updated: You need to be active when it comes to updating your website as this one of the factors that are subject to penalties. Don’t keep outdated information on your website and try to make it more user-friendly by providing new and relevant content.

Keep useful content: You can also add content to your websites which is evergreen and which never becomes irrelevant. Such content can be easily added by providing Faq’s, guide to use your products and services, reference materials and other such things. This content will make your website get relevancy on Google algorithms.

Keep keywords density under check:  This is one of the factors where companies go into frenzy and they end up using a lot many keywords again and again. The number of times that you can use a keyword needs to find a balance with the content that you write for your website. Make sure you keep the keyword density under control to save your website from getting penalized.

Write unique content: Copy pasting content from a different website that deals in similar products and services can actually land you in a trouble. Copying any content word to word and pasting it on your website can take it through a hit. You can get an idea about the content from different websites but make sure that you use your own imagination and words while writing the content for your own website.

Engaging content: A content that is engaging and that keep the reader hooked is the best thing you can choose for your website. It will surely help you get a good ranking as well.

Hope this piece of writing will prove helpful to you.