The importance of having a mobile optimized website

Just when we thought that computers were the “new thing”, we get a new invention for use. Those would be smart phones.

The ability to combine long-distance communication, portability, and the internet, has made this device one of the most useful and used in the 21st century.

If you don’t own a smartphone, then you’re probably in a position where most people may consider you as a Flintstone.

Mobile use isn’t exclusive to communication and the internet though.

A good entrepreneur or business owner always has an eye for market trends. The appearance of smart phones, in addition to their widespread popularity, means more mobile consumption.

Considering of course that mobiles can now access and use the internet with ease, you are now in a position where you need to make sure that you have a mobile optimized website.

Mobile site SEO is apparently the new SEO trend today!

What do you gain when you apply mobile site SEO?

It’s not that you gain much from this technique, it’s that you stand to lose less. With a mobile optimized site, your chances of losing out your traffic are much lower.

Considering that around 46% of all internet users in the US access using smart phones, you would be risking your business when ignoring SEO mobile optimisation. SEO mobile optimization ensures that you favorite clients continue to visit your website from multiple devices.

Mobile optimization for the most part, comes down to graphics and speed. If a mobile user cannot access your website because of device incompatibility, then this is a problem that you should focus on fixing.

Search engines such as Google indirectly apply mobile optimization as a factor for search engine rankings. If you know your SEO, then you’ll know that loading speed affects your webpage ranks. Abad loading speed on mobiles, due to lack of optimization, is going to affect your business negatively.

Additionally, you have to take into consideration additional uses of mobile phones which may be beneficial for your business. Cellphones are used for quick access to features and service through application stores. As such, wouldn’t it beneficial to create an application for your website?

Regardless of what type of business you operate, creating an application for your website and service, is a hidden yet highly useful mobile site SEO technique! By doing so, you create easy access to your site that facilitates traffic!

So where can I find a website optimizer to help me with the job?

Website optimizer applications exist everywhere and are especially easy to find for WordPress. Mobile optimization is a core feature there, considering that the platform is used mainly for heavy content posting.

Regardless of where you choose to get your website optimizer, always remember to keep your optimization applications up-to-date.

After all, you never know what new devices may pop-up for you in the future. You never know if the current devices are going to receive features that add demand to your optimization efforts.

So to sum up, get yourself some mobile site SEO, and stay alert for new trends!