The Future of Responsive Website Designing- Mobile SEO

The era of computing is now and it is on very fast speed, approximately 50% of all queries directly comes from mobile devices, Now it’s totally up to you how well you integrate the prototype since it will play a crucial role in the near future of your online business. Recently, google update an algorithm especially for mobile visitors. The main aim behind this algorithm update is to enhance the web experience with mobile, Google named this update “Mobilegeddon” and launched on April 22, 2015. The share of the smartphone in search engine already been increased, by this algorithm, googles actually help those websites in Organic results which are mobile friendly.

In 2015, approximately 1.69 billion of social media accounts are accessed via smartphones, tablets. Increasing the presence of mobile devices may definitely have an impact on all aspects of online business procedures, whether it supports, marketing, sale or any other. Mobile SEO is now becoming a modern need of online business, now it’s up to you how you make it. Website optimization for mobile affects the whole thing from making a responsive website to creating a content marketing program to serve the audience especially mobile users.

Future is now

Before creating any marketing strategy for your online business, you must have an understanding of clients need, before we started mobile SEO here are few facts about SEO you really should know.

  1. SEO is not a one-time event, it is an on-going process.
  2. If done right, it is a long-term investment.
  3. Expert execution brings better results than DIY.
  4. Results may take the time to start showing up to (min 2-3 months).
  5. Size is negligible when it comes to the superiority of creativities.

When it comes to picking a right mobile SEO company, be careful of the “rapid results” bait frequently used by organizations. Always try to do your own investigation on the prevailing mobile SEO trends and for the service providers which are under your consideration. A lot of mobile SEO strategies that you can adopt in your online marketing campaign, in smart revolution the magic potion remains same in terms of SEO (ranking higher in organic searches). Provide a better user experience, content, information, products and user-friendly architecture. According to a survey, approximately 91% of the population has a cell phone, around 56 percent having a smart device. Mobile SEO safeguards that your website can deliver the same user experiences on all different platforms.

Tips for Mobile Search Engine Optimization (Mobile SEO)

  1. Responsive mobile friendly Design: After google algorithm update, it is mandatory for you to make your website responsive, or you can create a separate mobile-friendly version of your website. So it can improve your ranking in search results. If you won’t do so you may be in big loss.
  2. Page Speed: Next point comes in terms of mobile SEO is your page loading speed, if your website load slow, then you never attract new visitors. A lot of tools can guide you the best possible ways to improve your web loading speed.
  3. Local Optimization: To improve your local visibility in search results, ensure that your contact information on all major platform should be consistent.
  4. Meta Tags Optimization: Your smartphone audience has a small screen, so prepare a Metatags that is small and conscious, so a user can understand what all about your page really is.
  5. Content promotion (Marketing): Not shorter, a mobile user need impactful as well as scannable content. Format your content that really make sense to your audience in mobile screens also.
  6. Great Images: According to a poll, visual content performs better that written content if you only serve the content of 2000 words without any images, videos may be you lose your audience. visual content has the ability to engaged more than ordinary content.
  7. Mobile Friendly Apps: If Possible try to create a mobile app for your services and products. Now a day many social platforms offer mobile friendly applications as well as add-ons that can be simply included into brand profiles.