Search Engine Friendly or User Friendly

If you are in a business, then you are aware of online business marketing, according to a survey a large number of groups are preferred to go for online shopping and if you don’t have an online presence, then you are losing a large number of customers, Now the question is, after getting online what are the factors or tactics we have to follow to rank on the first page in search engines. Every search engines have different techniques, algorithm upon which they work, we can’t follow every search engines guidelines to rank well in search results, so now the questions is we have to make our website search engines friendly or user-friendly.

Everyone wanted that his or her business always comes on top in the Search results. If you create your website search engines friendly,t hen you rank well, but you can’t get leads, why? Here is the answer, If you are looking for shoes and you get T-shirt page ranked then you go for it? The answer is no, so a user come to your site and bounce back, that will increase your bounce rate and you didn’t get a single penny business, on the other hand, if you create a user friendly website and maintain each and every page of your website in a categorized manner, Now the user came to your site a gets what he is looking from search engines, a user may be happy by visiting your website and he gets what he is looking from your web site.

Some time we think, what type of structure we have to choose, for better search engine rankings, but today we have to only focus on user friendly website, because our target is real, humans not the search engines bots, according to latest algorithm If you create a User friendly website then search engines also give a priority for your website in search engines always give priority to user friendly navigation, content, images etc, try to create attractive website structure.Always try to write an interactive user friendly content which holds your audience, before creating any posts first investigate what people searching for, after this your user get what they want and you get what you want (i.e traffic).