How to Spot a Top-Notch SEO Service Provider

Marketing has always been a brutal competition, whether this be today in our digital age, or in the pre-digital past.Back in the old days, you competed for spots in magazines, billboards, newspapers, and TVs.Today, you compete for spots in search engines. That’s where everyone is after all.

Seriously, who watches TVs today…?

One thing should be taken into consideration, though. The principles of effective marketing have not changed since the old days. In fact, they haven’t changed since the dawn of humanity.
Through this article, I’m going to show you the number 1 principle that guarantees an excellent marketer. I will show you the core of what it means to provide complete SEO services.
So here we go!

The one principle that will make or break your long-term.

That principle would be integrity. If you want your content to be worth the top spot in search engines, then it’d better be valuable.Even more, the SEO optimisation MUST reflect the content’s value. Let me explain that…

  1. You see, most marketers, writers, blog owners, corporations, whatever they are, tend to forget who they’re marketing to. They forget that they’re marketing to people.
  2. They’re trying to get their work in front of the eyes of personalities with needs and wants. This is something that you must respect if your content is to reach top spot.
  3. Realistically, how often did you click on a first-page search engine results, just to find out that what was offered was complete junk? Probably never.

Sure, it might not have included what you wanted or needed. But it still provided value. Its intent was to benefit.
To simply put, it wasn’t PUSHY marketing!

That’s an unfortunate problem you get with a lot of marketers, and specifically SEO services.

And what does this have to do with SEO?

Improper SEO techniques focus on adulterating the content to ridiculous degrees, just to boost search rankings. It’s called black hat SEO.

Usage of such techniques means that the writer (or SEO optimizer), does not care one bit about their or your content. This is not something you’ll find with any proper SEO service provider.
A proper SEO service provider provides organic SEO.
Organic SEO services are at the core of true and beneficial results. This is where your content is respected, and all optimisation is focused on marketing it without compromise.
With organic SEO services, the focus is long-term.

Long-term is everything in content. You want people to come back for more. You want to build a loyal fan-base of clients. You want people to trust and believe in what you offer.
From any optimizer worth his salt, expect the following:
• Reliance on proper tags for your content.
• Usage of backlinks that enhances or compliment your product.
• Avoidance of “keyword stuffing” and “link farming”.
• Appropriate advice as to how you should establish link-networks between all of your content.

And it’s all worth it in the end.

There’s a reason why SEO is called Search Engine Optimization. SEO enhances quality. You can’t enhance quality if you compromise the essence, being the content.
So when picking out an SEO servicer, make sure look for one who respects your product.