The SEO Guide – Best E-commerce Marketing Tip to Skyrocket your Business

The SEO Guide

Search engine optimization can help you raise the browser ranking of your website. While the OnPage SEO concentrates on the visible content of the page, the OffPage SEO is about what is behind this content, including sources and links. If you want your increase profits through online marketing, you should focus on both, trying to make your page as attractive for the user as possible.

Answer the unanswered questions

In order to make your content stand out, do research on the quality of online content in your field. Imagine you are a customer trying to find an answer to a question about your professional area. As it often happens, you will see twenty-page-long forum pages with questions that never get an answer. So why not write answers to these questions now? Write high-quality articles that will rapidly get on the top of the search results due to their professionalism.

Master your keywords

OnPage SEO is based on finding relevant keywords that are most often searched by your targeted local audience. If you are producing popcorn machines, the questions your potential customer would ask will most probably have the keywords like “popcorn machine,” “popcorn maker,” “retro popcorn machine,” etc. It is then your job to incorporate these keywords into the content of your website, so that the next time a customer types in the keyword, they see your page among the top results.

Repeat without repeating

To ensure that your page moves to the top of the results page, you have to use the keywords a lot, and sometimes it means you have to repeat in one section of the page what you have already said in another. In this case, you have to learn how to repeat without repeating, to say the same thing using different words, in the best case scenario, using synonyms. You can also establish hyperlinks from one subpage to another. For example, if you have separate pages for each product you are selling and then you have a comparison section on your website, it will be beneficial to add hyperlinks to the product pages in the comparison page’s description, and to mention at the end of the product page that there is a comparison of that product with another, which can be found by clicking on a hyperlink.

Make it about the customer

Never has personalization been more in trend than in today’s online marketing. Even though it is possible to manipulate the keywords on the page and get to the top ranking without paying attention to the customer’s interests, the results of such actions will be short-term and ineffective. What is needed is the balance between machine-oriented keywords with your target audience’s needs. What is their lifestyle, their way of thinking, their social status, etc? Why should exactly your product become part of their lives? Focus on answering these questions to achieve the best results. Make your web page interactive and engaging: let the users learn the most about your products and choose the one that will make their lives better.