Top 10 Search Engine Ranking Factors to be Rank in 2019

Ranking Factor

If you want to make your website rank high on the Google platform, then taking help out of the search engine ranking factors is very important. SEO ranking factors are crucial in taking your website to the top page of the search engines. So, right here, we will make you learn about the top 10 search engine ranking factors to be rank in 2019.

Factor No 1: An Accessible URL

The very first factor is related as concerned with the right kind of URL. Specifically, Google will be able to visit the URL and look at the form of the page content to understand what the page is all about.  You need a robots.txt file that let Google know that when it can or cannot look at your site information.

Factor No 2: Page Speed

Page speed has been known as one of the major factors of all. Google is in need to improve the users’ experience on the web, and also fast-loading web pages.

Factor No 3: Mobile friendliness

As you are concerned about the mobile website, choosing mobile friendliness is another important ranking factor. It will be helpful much as in drawing results from mobile-optimized sites first, just as sites geared to desktop computers.

Factor No 4: Domain Age, URL, and Authority

If you have a successful and well-established website, then you do not need to make your way into the exact-match domain for your business. You just have to focus on a URL that reflects your category of the business. Authority is important as well. You can check the domain authority with some open site explorer.

Factor No 5: Optimized Content

The optimized setting of the content is another important factor! You need to learn about the keyword research guide because the Google search algorithm will completely be relying on the keywords. Using keywords in your content is important. Original and fresh SEO content is the right way for high ranking!

Factor No 6: Technical SEO

You should use keyword phrases in the page titles, to let Google first determine which content is related to the search. You should use header tags and try to add some meta description that features keyword phrases.

Factor No 7: User Experience

Google has been making the use of artificial intelligence to better rank the pages. It is known as RankBrain. This includes some signals to affect your page ranking. It adds click-through rate that is related to the total percentage of users who make the click on your site after an entry comes up in search results.

Factor No 8: Links

In SEO ranking, there are three kinds of links to talk about such as inbound links, outbound links,and internal links. Inbound links are the way to help the user in determining how authoritative and relevant your content is.

Factor No 9: Social Signals

Getting some social shared content does not help your rankings, so it is important to have the social media attachment with you. You should make it easy to share some content and amplify those social signals.

Factor No 10: Real Business Information

Somehow the presence or absence of business information is one of the most critical sets of the local SEO ranking factors. You should pay attention over the areas like the name, address, phone number or the business listings.