Search Engine Visibility Tips for the Average Website Owner

Whether you be a business operating a website, or simply an individual trying to make money from the internet, SEO has always been a necessity.

SEO at its heart, is a bunch of systems and techniques designed to allow your website pages to rank high in search engines. This means more visibility, more eyes, and more potential money in the process.

Of course, when designing content for your website, you may feel confused as to where you should start optimizing. When do you optimize, during or after creation of content? What do you optimize on your page, or on your website in general?

No worries about those question. Below, we’re going to present you some search engine visibility tips to help you make higher ranking content!

Some tips to add to your checklist.

We’re not going to be presenting you with obvious advice about SEO, like “add keyword in heading”, and those shenanigans. Instead, we’re going to get into a little more detail.

Tip Number 1 is to create lengthy content. Most of the problems that lurk with low-ranking pages, happens to be due to lack of content. If you want to rank, then you’re going to have to boost your page’s word count. The minimum recommended range is 1800-2500 words. Those sound like big numbers, and there’s a reason for their existence.

To start off, having a big word count on a page signals to search engines like Google that your page contains quality information. Rarely does a person reach 2500 words in writing through filler content and filibustering. You need to have “contributable” information to get there.

Additionally, a higher word count means a greater potential for keywords. Instead of simply utilizing 1-2 focus keyword for a 400 word post, you can utilize 5-8 for a 2000 word one.

As such, you get to rank for a wider variety of keywords, allowing you to reach the first pages with the greatest of ease.

Tip Number 2 is to get quality backlinks. There are 2 aspects that form a “quality backlink”. Those would be the website linking to you, and the linking anchor text.

Getting a quality website to link to yours is a fairly easy process. You see, this is done by generating content that is submitted to article directories. Article directories tend to have high authority in the eyes of search engines, making the backlinks you receive from them extremely high in quality!

As for the anchor text, guess who writes the content for that? You do! You basically get to write your own articles, placing links to the proper keywords as to link back to your site, and then post on a high-quality site!

A final word though.

The previous 2 tips rely on a core principle for them to work. That would be quality content. Quality content is the only thing that can get you to high word counts, and also, article directories will only accept your material if it provides value.

So make sure you sharpen up you content quality before looking at SEO boosting!