How to do Backlink Audit – Which Links to Target with Google’s Disavow Tool

Backlink Audit

If you want your brand to remain at the best competitive level, then you should take account of how the backlinks are handled. With a poorly handled concept, the quality of the result will be poor. This is one of the most important ranking factors in SEO and it should be properly handled by the experts. What you are going to get from the delivery of Redefine seo will surely deliver the best that you will ever get from backlink by any brand that desires to compete at the very top. Getting the right steps is a must if the quality is to be ensured. The following steps will lead to the best quality that will give the best marketing returns to any brand:

Get the most complete list of your backlinks– If you wanted to run a credible backlink audit, the starting point is to get a comprehensive list of all the webpages that are linked to your site at any point in time and choose the preferred ones among them. This can be done by pulling backlinks from goggle search console as well as google analytics. The handling of this can best be achieved through Redefine SEO.

Make Sure All The Links Are Still in Place– After checking for the usefulness of the backlinks, check if the relevant ones among them are still in place. There is the need for the experts in the mold of Redefine SEO to be handy in other to check if the links are real-time and they come in handy.

Assessment Of The Backlink Profile– The backlink profile should be assessed as a whole. What is the comparison between the total links with the linking domains? This should be done adequately well and the professionals will do it best. You can get the best results from Redefine SEO.

Compare Your Links With Competitors– You are expected to get a link that will beat your competitors to the game. There should be a tool that will help compare your links with that of your competitors and it should be handled by competent hands in the notch. You will get best of this from Redefine SEO.

There Are dangerous Backlinks– You should be aware that there are dangerous backlinks out there. With the inclusion of that in any marketing campaign, the results will not be in favor of any brand. The wheat should be separated from the chaff and you can only trust the best among the vendors to carry out an exercise that will be in favor of your brand. What Redefine SEO has on offer can be relied on for results that will bring in the smiles.

Re-checking Suspicious backlinks Manually– You have to make assurances doubly sure if you want to remain competitive in the notch. Every backlink should be checked manually to ensure that things work out fine. You need a vendor that cares by making sure no stone is left unturned. This is the results you will get from Redefine SEO.