10 New Tips to Improve User Experience & Organic Reach to Your Customers

Tips to Improve User Experience

You may have the most informative website in the world, but without an effective strategy to promote it, you will not profit from it. Here is the list of new tips that will adjust your web page to the user’s latest needs and improve user experience as well as organic reach (how many people get to see your unpaid posts on their screens).

  1. Get to know your target audience

It’s not only about age and occupation. Try to find out what your target audience in their free time, where they go for vacation, how they think and what they like – this will allow you to find out what other blogs they follow and which events they attend.

  1. Follow the right blogs

After doing your research, build bridges in your customer’s mind and connect with their favorite pages, organizations, or events. If your users are obsessed with Apple, why not create an award-winning iOS app and feature in the App Store news?

  1. Make it interactive

Today’s technology can allow you much more than posting a video. What about creating an interactive map where the user decides where to go or which option to choose, or even a bot that would help them come up with a perfect product?

  1. Get feedback from your user

Be creative. If you want to see how many users support your action, create a hashtag that supporters can spread around social media. Announce a contest and a prize! What you get is increasing social media presence plus growing customer loyalty as a bonus.

  1. Quality over quantity

Posting too much content does not directly mean success. Concentrate on producing high-quality material that is published regularly and is waited by consumers instead of overwhelming them with spam.

  1. Analyze your statistics

Facebook and Instagram provide you with insights on your posts which tell you at what hour they get the most attention, which topics are the most popular, and where most of your followers live. Use them to adjust your content to these data.

  1. Coordinate your accounts

Create a Facebook event and mention it in your Instagram story: not only will you remind the audience about the activity, but you will also deliver the information to the users of both platforms.

  1. Make it visually attractive

It only takes a minute to edit the contrast or lighting of the photos. The result of making the website visually attractive is a satisfied user who will want to visit your page again.

  1. Focus on the SEO

Use keyword search tools to identify which keywords would work for your web page. This way, you can get a higher ranking in browser search results, which will increase your organic reach.

  1. Customize the user experience

Today’s users want the entire online world to turn around them and to base their recommendations on their interests, favorite brands, or previous purchases. This is a key to a satisfying user experience.